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RODS Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh

The mission of the RODS Laboratory is to investigate methods for the real-time detection and assessment of outbreaks of disease, either naturally occurring or resulting from bioterrorism, using information technology. The RODS Laboratory is the birthplace of RODS and now the RODS Open Source Project. The RODS Software is the applied aspect of research at the RODS Laboratory. Researchers at the RODS Laboratory conduct research in outbreak detection and analysis algorithms, patient classification using machine learning and natural language processing, the evaluation of data sources for public health surveillance, and the development of public health surveillance policy.

The Auton Lab at Carnegie Mellon University
The Auton Lab, part of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science, researches new approaches to Statistical Data Mining. The RODS Laboratory and the Auton Lab collaborate on the development of outbreak detection algorithms that can analyze data from the RODS system.

  • David Evans - user interface, GIS, AJAX, music
  • Jeremy Espino - cool stuff
  • "Howard" Hoah-Der Su -integration, algorithms
  • Bill Hogan - anything meteorological
  • "Rich" Fu-Chiang Tsui - integration, algorithms
  • Garrick Walstrom - algorithms
  • Michael Wagner - architecture
  • John Levander - Probabalistic Algorithms
  • Peter Sutovsky - Probabalistic Algorithms
  • James Kelly
  • Steve Kondik
  • Kevin Hutchison
  • Lauren Bradford - QA
  • Steve Defrancesco - QA
  • Yan Weng
  • Lili Ma
  • Arvinder Choudry
  • Jagan Dara
  • Robert Olsewski
  • Ran Li
  • Megan Weberking

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