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Get Support

RODS is licensed under the GNU GPL, so it comes with no warranty, and we do not guarantee free support. However, there are several ways to get support on RODS installation, configuration and usage.

In addition, we're creating a list of consultants and/or corporations that can are willing to support the customization and deployment RODS systems. If you wish to be added to the list below contact us.

The following consultants and companies are listed solely at their request. The RODS Open Source Project leaders do not endorse or make any claims about the competency of any particular consultant or company. In choosing a consultant or company to support your project, the RODS Open Source Project leaders advise paying attention to the quantity and quality of the contributions they make to the project.

General Biodefense LLC

Where to Ask Questions?

First of all, please do not contact the RODS developers directly unless you really would like to send a private message. Posting to one of the RODS mailing lists allows everyone a chance to answer the question.

B.O.S (Before Open Source) RODS had a user group at Yahoo. Please do not post to the user group at Yahoo. All of the questions and responses from the Yahoo group are now available in the RODS mailing list archives.

Before posting to the mailing list, please try to search in the mailing list archives:

Subscribe to Announcements

You can be notified automatically when new releases of RODS are available. To start receiving announcements, subscribe to the RODS announcements mailing list (low traffic). Note that all the announcements are also copied to the RODS development mailing list so normally you don't have to subscribe to both lists.

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